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Being a mom can be challenging in any contexts, but being a mom who is pouring herself out in ministry and striving to raise up her kids in a cross-cultural location adds a lot of extra factors that set you apart from other moms.


The purpose of this site is to help bring together Christian Missionary Moms from around the world to create an online community that can offer support and encouragement to you during this walk of life.

So welcome to our online community!

Here you can connect with other moms like you who are living out their faith cross-culturally. Feel free to browse through the list of Missionary Mom Blogs (below), visit around and get to know each other a little, and don’t forget to leave an occasional comment on a blog as a way to encourage one another and let these moms know they’re not alone!


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* African Pioneer (Cameroon)

* Josh and Lori’s African Story (and Charlie too!) (Cameroon)

* Missionary Mother, Wife, and Nurse (Equatorial Guinea)

* Jackie’s Journal (Ghana)

* Mrs. John in Ghana (Ghana)

* Jane’s Journal (Kenya)

* Hannatu’s Happenings (Niger)

* Our Goodwin Journey (Senegal)

* What’s Cookin’ in Tanzania (Tanzania)

* The Ward Family (Togo)

* Handfuls of Blessing (Uganda)

* Hand in Hand with the Hallahans (Uganda)

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America (North and South)

* Life of a Home-Schooling Missionary Wife (Bolivia)

Cactus Flower (Brazil)

* Duarte’s Diary (Brazil)

* Garcias 2 Chile (Chile)

* Servants in Ecuador (Ecuador)

* Mission to El Salvador (El Salvador)

* Arctic Adventures (Greenland)

* Greetings from Guatemala (Guatemala)

* The Bailey Mission Adventure (Hawaii)

* The World is Our Classroom (Honduras)

* Just Behind That Mountain (Mexico)

* Houghs Life (Paraguay)

* Passion for Paraguay (Paraguay)

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Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific Islands

* Be Thou Exalted (Australia)

* For the Love of Sydney (Australia)

* I Still Belong (Australia)

Early Morning Missionary (Cambodia)

* Borneo Wife (Indonesia)

* Life in the 10/40 Window (Japan)

* Memoirs of a Missionary Mom (Japan)

* Mommy Book Blog (Lebanon)

* Our Mission to the Himalayas and Beyond (Nepal)

* Mommy’s on a Mission (Papua New Guinea)

* The Gustafsons in Siberia (Siberia)

* Cross Family Blog (Thailand)

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* Heading Somewhere (England)

* Mackenzie M Davidson (Italy)

* Phyllis in Ukraine (Ukraine)

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